Sunday, January 24, 2021

New tutorial sorted


I know that many of you follow over on Facebook so will already know that this tutorial is live, but here it is anyway!

I first saw an example of this button wrap on one of the Button Country website, a little silk version. I'm lucky to have a wee little soutache version - the soutache itself is teeny. They just don't make it this small any longer, such a shame. 

After last week's rain, today it is snow. This was the very busy main road out in front of our house today. It'll probably all be gone in a day or so, but it does look lovely - and the silence is especially nice; no lorries speeding past!

Stay safe and well everyone xx


  1. Hearty congratulations on the two bags of trash and the mound of shredding! It occurs to me that one ought to be able to use that shredded paper for something useful like a weed supresing mulch or rabbit nesting material or some such. I've managed one bag of trash so far from the pile - I swear the darned stuff has kittens in the night! I know I didn't pull that much out!
    Oh well, onwards!
    Charlotte xxx

    1. Yes, I've often though I should get into papier mache - Make some awesome Victorian things with shredded paper. And then I remember that will mean I won't have the time and end up with bags of shredded paper, just waiting.... ;)
      One bag of trash is one less for next week!
      Stay safe and well both xxx

  2. First stage of the implant process this morning! Minimum discomfort and no swelling to speak of and the shooting match over in less than an hour - we are very pleased.
    You know, I did make something with paper mache years ago - it was messy and it took weeks to get the mess off the porch floor and..... Yes! Toss those bags - paper mache in our next lives!
    Really good photo sequence on the square faced button - mine had slithered also, so am glad for the help. Some of those kids are making some stellar buttons - you are such a good influence!
    Stay safe and warm and well. C in C xxx

    1. So glad to hear it went well!
      Oh thank you - you need to say hi over in the group - show your pics as well! You are quite right, there's some really stunning buttons happening from others.
      Our snow has all melted and we are back to wet and miserable...
      Keep warm and well and safe xx