Tuesday, February 02, 2021

A little bit of fun

A little bit of fun for you - the above is an online jigsaw using an image from my One Button a Day 2016 buttons. It's free to play, and rather addictive (and you can choose a different number of pieces to make it even harder on their website!). If the above doesn't work for you, do visit the puzzle on the puzzle page by clicking here. We'll add others I think!

I saw the idea from Izabela of Prior Attire, who's been releasing some awesome photos as online jigsaws. Do look her up if you are over on the site. 

In other news, in case you missed it, I've also added a new tutorial over on YouTube. This one is for a lovely shiny base underneath your needlework or crochet buttons. 

I'm aiming to try to upload these on a more regular basis this year, so let's see how my time management works out...

hmmm. :)

Stay safe and well all!


  1. Don't fret about a slow answer - I do the same far to often.
    My personal gloom month is February. Don't know why - it is the shortest month. Had (used to have) two vacation days, Valentine's Day, and snow drops but somehow it was always a very long bleak time. By the way, snow drops do extremely well in SoCal - they will expand to fill any space they are in - go figure!
    My dishwasher is sitting upstairs on his computer. When he retired from the outside work world he retired me from dish washing - said that that he got to stop doing something he did not like doing and that I should have the same - I haven't touched a dish in years except to dry them - quality time together and I can find them in the cupboard the next day. Now my mother used to keep a pan of soapy water in the sink and would rinse and wash pretty much as she went along. No idea where she got that from - my gran sure didn't do it that way. I used to rinse and stack, then put them all in the dishpan with very hot water and soap and by the time I was able put my hands in the water there was little or no scrubbing. Hmmmm -one could do a little paper on dishwashing methods through the generations!
    Goodness, I am talking such piffle! Do stay warm and dry and well and hugs all around. C xxx

    1. Aha! The penny has dropped! Your dishwasher is a star! :) Washing dishes is one of the only jobs I really quite like. I think it is because of the hot water - my joints always feel good! My late mother in law enjoyed it too, and now that my joints do bother me, I understand what I didn't at 20. My Dad, he always scrubbed the pans. When I was a kid they had a stovetop metal coffee percolator - every week he would scrub every last bit of coffee staining off of it. It was quite fascinating watching it gleam in every little section.
      Stay warm and well xxx

    2. I remember those percolators! And you really did have to scour off every speck of coffee grunge or the brew was nasty! Funny - the only coffee producing thing I can remember is Mom's vacuum pot (which I still don't understand) and that seemed very complex and wasn't around long but there must have been pots of some sort - no Swede in her right mind can exist without coffee!
      Some nasty person slithered into Don's computer system and he has been slashing and stomping for a day and a half. Being a Luddite myself I can't follow the ins and outs but I think he has rooted out the bad place finally. People can be so nasty! I'm glad he is here to fix things - I would never even be typing this let alone using Google if he wasn't. He really is a peach!
      Stay warm and well. xxx

    3. Discovery - nothing speeds the cleaning, tidying, rearranging process like spilling a glass of water! No irreparable damage and another tiny neat place! c xxx

    4. Thank goodness it was just water. Coffee... now that's a different matter xxx

    5. (I read your comments out of order). Hope the computer is sorted. Yes, people are nasty. There seem to be more and more of them these days. Stay well and cosy xx

    6. Me again - forgot to ask if the water tank is gravity feed or do you have to resort to lugging buckets when the power fails? We got to lug buckets, uphill, in the winter, three adults, four kids (one baby!), all electric house! Four day outage!! Everyone but the baby remembered that period. Ain't it fun growing up in the mountains? xx

    7. Lugging buckets! It's so annoying! xxx

    8. It is Sunday night/ Monday morning - survived my very first Zoom meeting - think it may well be my last. Sets my teeth on edge and the slight lag gives me the creeps! I had agreed to do another one in March but I may weasel out of it. Don got it set up (after we found a power cord) which I was not able to tackle - nice to have my own IT department! Back into hermit mode!
      Speaking of slow on the uptake - I finally tried an audio book - and I think I may be hooked! Dick Francis, Agatha Christie, all my old friends, and all the books that one can't afford to buy.
      Hope the week and weekend have gone well for you all - give the Toby pup a pat, and you stay warm and dry and well. C in C xxx

    9. Ah, zoom! Can't figure out how I feel about it. I am basically a hermit, so it does tick a lot of boxes for me! As for audio - I'm listening to Clarissa at the moment! And remembering Sean Bean as Lovelace many years ago... Stay well and warm xxx