Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Another snow day... or week!


Here we go again! Couldn't get out yesterday and certainly can't today. So, if you are waiting on orders do please rest assured they will get sent the moment we can.

As the forecast was for snow, we left the unit on Friday with boxes of components to pack. Yesterday it was button packs for the journal kits - today I think I will be winding wire for ganutell kits.

We have two shows coming up on Hochanda - on the 25th. We'll have a couple of new kits too, so we have at least got quite a lot to keep us busy. Especially when our phone lines have decided to play up again (they went down a month ago). Don't even get me started on that subject. How a nation is meant to work from home when BT can't be bothered to modernise lines I really don't know. We loose our phone and internet at least twice a year - and sometimes more...

Enough of that! 

I also managed to do a little more writing over the weekend. Not as much as I would have liked, but I am starting to wrestle the thing into some kind of sense I think....

(look! old fashioned index cards!)

Stay safe and well everyone


  1. Very good photos - artistic as heck! And my toes just curled up into my socks in sympathy. It looks like it might stick for a few days ;( .
    We woke up to unusual silence this morning also - np street traffic, no freeway noise, nothing - Don checked to see if another disaster had struck or some super lockdown - nope, just a fluke quiet spot. In fact the silence woke me up. The sky is very low and I wonder if we will get some weather also?
    Glad the writing has crept forward a notch or two. That 'wheels slipping in the mud' period is such a drag.
    Hugs all around and stay warm and well and dry. C in C xxx

  2. Well, here I am, relieved as heck - Tuesday afternoon Don had three cancerous places removed from nose and arm and they all seem to be clear - hooray! I drove and provided moral support and he worked on getting the doctor to see a human being, not just a diseased nose (we both try hard to get our medical people to see us, not the problem alone.).He says he will have some good scars so will have to think up a good story to match! We are so fortunate to have the care available, even if it did take four months to get in to the dermatologist's office.
    Hope you and the guys are staying warm and well. C xxx

    1. What a relief that must be for you both. When things like this happen you seem to spend the days in a weird sort of limbo - I suspect you both slept better last night!
      And hopefully you did not get the weather? The silence has been very unnerving for me this year. I'm going a little deaf, so think I miss out on some night noises - but M reliably informs me there aren't many really - so when the traffic stops it can be very odd. Much preferred a proper away-from-a-road cottage - you at least could hear owls and foxes and what have you.
      Hopefully our broadband and phone will be fixed today xx
      Take care both of you xxx

    2. The weather decided to go elsewhere, thankfully! And because we are urban the noise is only rarely very low which is why the lull was so unnerving. Just got the quarterly report from the City of Carson with a new hotline to report noise from the local airport - since the airport was here before the city I'm not sure why complaining about the noise would do any good. The area 14 mile northwest of us around Los Angeles International has the same problem - the planes were there first and the area around has gotten built up and yuppified so that it now is all right to fuss about noise. I lived for a brief while under the east-west main flightpath and one does very quickly stop noticing the noise except to automatically stop talking while it is loudest. Living with that is supposed to be very stressful and I sure didn't hang around long! But I think your notion of living where owls and foxes are the top noise makers is a great one - our mocking birds are gearing up for spring nesting and some of the makes are starting their all night singing, which is fun unless their tree is outside the bedroom window! And the little monsters seem to come back to the same trees every season!!!!! Oh well, I can sleep through a lot - just turn the deaf ear up!
      The surgery sites seem to be doing well - swelling going down and no sign of problems when I rebandaged last night. Yes, it is a relief to me - it took a lot of effort to get him to the doctor!
      Here's hoping your broadband is back in working order!
      Be warm and dry and well. xxx

    3. So glad to hear the healing is going well. Every few years you'll see the same on the news where people complain about tractors on the smaller roads near housing estates - the farms are far older and it is always the new, expensive houses that complain. Oh, and the noise of farm animals. Like, go back to the city lol!
      I was very used to aircraft living on base as a kid, but then again they rarely flew right over the houses. Why they decide to build houses in flight paths is beyond me. As you say, these are usually new builds (often because of the airport). Humans just need to complain I guess. And in that vein, still no acceptable broadband!
      Ah well. Onwards and upwards.
      Stay safe and well xxx