Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Costume Skills Institute courses


How are you all? Keeping well I hope. Still busy getting ready for our next shows over on The Craft Channel (Hochanda as was) on Friday - full on packing this afternoon!

Thought I'd update you all on my next Zoom courses - these are arranged by The Costume Skills Institute in the US and the first is on the 8th of May, so not long now! Of course, being hosted in the US, the times are American time zones. 

I've also got another two booked - May 22nd and June 5th.

You can find out more and book your place at

I've been looking into holding live workshops/classes - how do you feel about it? Would you rather have a live experience, or a pre-recorded that you can go back to later or watch in the middle of the night? 

I quite like both myself, and can't quite decide! 

Stay safe and well everyone!


  1. Would love classes but would need to be pre recorded as I am a carer and may not be able to participate livd

    1. Thank you! That's a real help x

  2. Went and looked at the classes - everything sounds fun but I find I really do not like the zoom thing at all so will pass. I know others don't have my problem and I'm pretty certain you'll sell out all three ;) I think you are just so clever to put this stuff together and figure out how to get it to people! Team Silkworks strikes again!
    Stay warm and safe and well - the local bozos are talking about dropping the mask requirement! - and we will do the same. C in C xxxx

  3. One really should read the entire message! Anyway, I, clearly, would prefer a pre-recorded, but do what the majority want! xxx

    1. lol, you answered the question anyway, thank you :) I haven't had to set anything up - just sort out the cameras and do the prep as I would an ordinary workshop. The planning and organising for these is all done by Kirsten. And setting up the zoom stuff!
      We are still in a sort of lockdown until June - I'm not sure what will happen really. I think we'll be wearing masks for some time yet. Stay safe and well xxx

    2. Having the best time listening to the opening chapter of Postern Of Fate -I had forgotten Tuppence's passion for books. Need to reread my E. Nesbitt!
      Hugs! xxx