Friday, April 30, 2021

How to make Fabric Toggle Buttons - quick and easy button making

This week's video shows how to make two types of fabric toggle button - starting with a simple square of fabric! I love making the first type with thick wool - it's so tactile.

  I also show you how to make a simple thread loop shank - you can of course add this to any handmade button.

  I'm using our the square template from our Button Templates - these are available on our website as a complete pack (square and circle templates) at

Stay safe and well all - I'm off to get ready for today's shows on The Craft Store!


  1. Well, you really have been busy this past week! A new video, and new products, and hair and nails! Lovely! I do hope there were no more snafus getting home and that you are tucked up all cozy with the guys.
    Love this toggle with the waistline - my brain has been firing off all sorts of ideas about colour and texture and how to emphasis the waist - It will be fun.
    Have to go fix food of some sort. Be warm and well! C xxx

    1. Hair was a great relief I must say - nails just me at home, so chipping already haha! Our journey there and back lovely - I just had a morning where things went wrong - realising something was still at the unit, finding a mark on my top so had to go change - that sort of thing.
      I hope you two are both keeping well and safe. We've taken advantage of the bank holiday weekend and did some more clean like your moving - boiler/boot room sorted, little shed sorted. :)
      Stay safe xxxx

    2. I think they called it spring cleaning when we were kids! And all those places where one has just tossed stuff do need attention. I am, unfortunately, a champion tosser and bad at tidying - as - you - go -both habits I struggle to overcome because I do know life is sooooo much nicer tidy and neat.
      Glad to hear the snafus were the minor irritations, not major things. Good thing you brought a spare top!
      I loved listening to Paola - it sounded as if she was hovering closer and closer to see what you were doing and was eager to have a go herself. And the design team created some outstanding samples for you - lovely work!
      We are both doing well - enjoying each others company and the peace and quiet. I am not sure I'll be willing to leave my hermit state when allowed to do so - I truly love having just us. Thursday is our 49th wedding anniversary! Seems like only last week Don put on his only suit and I put on my only dress and we went up to The Bride's Choice Wedding Chapel on Vermont Avenue. And here we are, grown up son, two almost grown up granddaughters, wrinkles and grey hair, and I still think himself is the greatest thing since sliced bread!
      Hugs to you and Mark and Toby and stay safe and well. xxx

    3. Oh Happy anniversary to you both! I will say it now as I know that despite good intentions I am likely to forget to post on the day. I know just what you mean. Being hermits suits us too - mind you we always were a little.
      Ha, no creeping closer in the studio - clear screen to divide us! At one point she was so far away I actually could not hear her. A lovely and exceptionally talented woman.
      Yes, it is just spring cleaning. But, having been a military brat, I always think of it as moving cleaning when I actually get rid of things.
      Stay safe and well, and I hope there will be some nice cake on Thursday! xxx

    4. Thank you for the happy thoughts. We went out hunting and gathering this afternoon - very odd because not too many people out - and came home with some delicious carrot cake and porkchops and asparagus - we are going to have a real feast!!!!
      I half forgot that you all up sticks every four years or so and had to leave the quarters ship shape - not only for the family coming in after you but because the CO might make nasty comments on Dad's record! And it occurred to me that a change can be as good as a rest, and going back to the daily stuff full of vim and vigor.
      Safe and well, all of you! xxx

    5. I do hope that you both enjoy your day - your foraging souns perfect!

      Stay safe and well and happy anniversary! xx

    6. Thank you, dear! We did have a nice day - pork chops turned out well (haven't cooked them in a long time) and the cake was delicious and we decided we are good for another 49 years ;)
      Stay safe and well. xxx

    7. I'm so glad that you both agreed!
      Stay well and safe xx