Friday, April 23, 2021

How to use the Stitch Ezi embroidery frame now in stock at Gina-B Silkwo...

We are currently bringing in quite a few more products for our shop, many are materials so won't need much introduction, but this embroidery frame from Rajmahal Threads in Australia does - just to show you how neat it is :)

I'm really enjoying using it - especially as when my thumb started having issues I have had to use a hand-free set up. 

So, something different, but hopefully a good resource for you all! 

You can find the hoop over on our website at -

Stay safe and well x


  1. This frame does seem to be quite useful - I have an old one that has three 'legs', which is not so easy to put together or to use but it is in my workroom right now, and I know there is another, more recent three legged version with a ridge and groove on the ring which hold fabric like a bulldog! However it is very expensive and my local needlework store did not reorder since it took a very long time to sell out the initial order. This Raj Mahal outfit looks like a good thing - hope it does well for you.
    Do stay warm and

    1. Thank you! I've enjoyed using it myself, but did think a video would be helpful. Also having such a busy week, videos like this are a little easier to plan :)
      I do hope you are both staying well! Keep safe xx

    2. You are both in my thoughts this week - I know that time seems to go crazy when you have a show to put together aa well as the normal business stuff, and there are usually a few extras thrown in just to make things interesting! ;) Remember to take a deep breath once on a while and give each other a really good hug morning and evening - it is the only way I get by some days (the hug especially).
      Stay well and warm and safe. xxx

    3. As always, you are a star, I appreciate it! Yes, busy busy in prep, unit in chaos, but we'll get there in the end. Oh - I did some more proper clearing out on Saturday you'll be pleased to hear. "Clean like you're moving" function unlocked ;)
      Stay safe and well both of you xx

    4. 'clean like you're moving'? What a peculiar notion! Since we have been in this place for more than thirty years the very idea curls my toes right up and makes me whimper! And it doesn't help that I am still struggling with trying to give stuff to places that will use it - sigh! Don had the right idea last year - he would bring in the smaller waste bin, poke in a liner, and fill the thing half full - every week, the night before trash pickup, for weeks. He still has a LOT of stuff but he hasn't missed one thing that went out. Very very inspiring! My out tossing moves in fits and starts but I figure that every bit of paper, scrap of cloth, or 9" bit of thread gone is a tiny move in the right direction, and every so often I can let a big chunk of stuff go - tonight it is more of a long cherished stack of early 20th c magazines - I know I will never crochet or knit or embroider 99.9% and I will not use photocopies for crafts, so I am heroically making out boxes. Of Course, any button related material is being copied, because buttons are sooooo important!
      OK - made you smile ;)
      Stay safe and well, all of you. xxx

    5. One knows there is some sort of weirdness when you are scrolling through the flickr album of a Dutch photographer and instantly recognize a picture of a piece of indigo dyed fabric and can put location and rough date on it! And two albums later, spot the interior of the blue dye workshop! In Papa, Hungary- where I have only been once in my life. And both pictures make me almost as 'homesick' as a nice shot of Tower Bridge! Sigh. xxx

    6. The cleaning part is less about the getting rid and more about the moving furniture to clean behind or under it - that sort of thing. The getting rid part is, as you so rightly say, a longer process! I think I will steal Don's idea. That's a good way to lighten the load!
      The world is a very small large place thanks to the internet sometimes. If you really want to feel odd, spend an evening on google street view going down places you used to know. That's incredibly odd. xxx

    7. You got that right, kiddo1!! I went and looked at the mountain town I grew up in - turned right onto Leafy Lane, googled to the end and the b...... had put bright blue siding on our yellow house and chopped down both the big pine trees! Don says he can't find any of his old haunts in his Chicago neighborhood - it has gone all yuppy/dink :(. Used to be a plain old working class area with simple old apartment buildings. We may have to stop google walking - the strain of too much change! xxx