Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Stumpwork Embroidery - Mushrooms Part 2 / Stems and grasses

I have been very lapse with the blog I'm afraid - so I'd really like to remind everyone that I do post more regularly on Facebook and Instagram - mainly because I can add a simple sentence, as opposed to writing a blog that I am convinced is terribly boring...

So, what's been happening? Well, if you missed it we have brought out a little set of stumpwork embroidery tools. The above video is part 2 of a little series to show how to use them with a basic piece of embroidery - and hopefully inspire you to take it even further. Part 1 is of course available over on YouTube :)

We've been busy getting in new stock - expanding our embroidery range slowly (we've some gorgeous Rajmahal embroidery kits in stock), adding fabulous Wonderfil threads, and last week we finally have been able to start stocking Japanese Nori paste - which is the perfect glue for Kanzashi flowers. All of the Japanese craft books use it. 
It is also great for pasting fine papers for journals and fabrics. Just a really nice, non-toxic glue with a history dating back to 1899! I'm personally really pleased we are able to stock this, as I really like the product.

So, there's a quick catch up as I go back to doing paperwork - oh joy!!
Have a great day!



  1. Hello and greetings, etc., etc., etc. Wonderful japanese feast - so many lovely things to try and so much to learn. Glad you had a good day. Looked at the new kits from Rajmahal - brilliant. I'm sure they will go well with folk.
    I think you are right about this particular communication effort - I may be the only person reading it! So I think it is time to close this place down - you really and truly do not need to keep running over and twirling this particular plate - there are many other ways to keep in touch. I do come often to the group site and that is great fun. So you can pack this one in and have spend the energy elsewhere.
    Hugs all around and stay safe and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. Aww, thanks. Glad that you enjoyed the show. It's nice doing something different every once in a while. We do have others visit, just not leaving comments, so I will try to keep it going.
      You are always very lovely with your comments to others over in the group, thank you xx The blog is a good opportunity to talk about other things that social media posts aren't really geared up for. I always had great plans for the blog to be more in depth, and then don't do it! I've a friend who manages to do a daily blog who I envy! Well, onwards and upwards - stay safe and well both of you xx

  2. That daily blog friend is indeed enviable - and I'll bet she is quite organized on most, if not all, fronts. We can envy together ;)
    It would be a trifle unnerving to leap into the group shrieking 'Ants! Ants!' - at least here you know exactly what I mean. The comments are easy - people do create the most wonderful things!
    We just came back from three and a half days visiting friends in Prescott, Arizona. Haven't seen them in four years and was dismayed to find we had to get back to sea level early - seems I can no longer cope with 7,000 ft elevation! Grrrrrr! One of those people you've known for 40 years and you always pick up the conversation right where you left off - and the spouses get along with each other (I know - miracle!).
    Get back to that nasty old paperwork - I believe the stuff has pups when you turn your back, like dust bunnies. Stay safe and well. xxx

    1. Old friends like that are special indeed (especially when spouses like each other!). Sorry you had to cut the break short. They will have to visit you next. Yes, the paperwork has had pups and grandpups I think. Mustn't complain, it means the business is busier if there's more paperwork! Onwards and upwards, start the week on a positive! Stay safe and well both xx